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Dial Us : 00-91-98410 99911
Email Us : admin@chipsystems.in
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Technical Courses Admission open " CCTV Camera Course,Solar Course,Laptop L4 chip level, Hardware, Mobile, Networking,Printer, Refilling, PCB Designing" & etc.. Con. 98410 99911/94440 34246
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Chip Systems is the successfully growing company ahead in the Technical Training field with 18+ years of experience. Chip systems are providing Latest Technical Training in the field of Hardware & Electronics (Both card level & chip Level). This Training is Very useful for Job Seeker and Self Employment People. In the year 2001 Chip Systems started initially with 100 Sq.ft office space and self-confidence as investment. By providing Quality Training and Good Customer care, Hard work has yield the fruit of success.
We are the first company in introducing the Laptop Service Training in Chennai. Now We are giving 50+ types of Technical Training courses with efficient faculties, We also providing separate Lab for Practical Training with the sufficient number of Materials.Chip systems is the the First person to Introduce Visual technical Training (V.T.T) in Chennai(Audio/Video type service) and also we are recommending Government Certificate through tie-ups with CIICP, MSMI and NCVT - both are Authorized Central Government Organization. (Optional)
Now, In the history of Technical Training we are introducing the On-line training the one and only one in India for the Card level and Chip level courses. Student can access the course through Internet from their home itself with out any tension and also saving their money and time. Surely this will be a boost for the people who can not find timings to get trained in the Technical Training
The Chip Systems Technical Director Mr.M.Karthikeyan has completed Diploma in Computer Technology (D.C.Tech) and Bachelors degree in Computer Science (B Sc). He is having 23 years of experience in the field of Computer Technology & Electronics. Presently he is the President of Lions Club of Swami Vivekananda-Chennai, Secretary of Youth Awareness Organization-Tamilnadu, His vision is to reduce the unemployment and increase the self-employment. Our Altimate Motto is "Step in with Confidence... Step out with your Career"
Software training Institutes are a dime a dozen. But when it comes to technical training, it takes a greater degree of skill and specialization to offer quality-training services. Perhaps the reason why there are very few options to choose from.
What makes Chip Systems so very different from the rest begins with the fact that ours were the first technical training institute in the state. First & best Online Technical training division in India

         • Life time backup support (Doubt clearing)
         • Job Placement assistance/Support to the trained students.
         • Provided with ample opportunities to work Local & abroad.
         • Self Employement Support to develop your own business.
         • Spares / Contact List Support.
         • Learn using the Tips & Troubleshooting Method.
         • Concept oriented Training imparted.
         • More number of Service Engineers produced in a very short span of time.
         • A one-step ahead in developing Multi skilled service Engineers.
         • Tie-ups with CIICP(Canada India Institutional Co-operational Project),MSME(Micro Small Medium Enterprises-SSI unit), NCVT(National
            Council for vocational Training) in India
         • It is a Trademark & SSI Registered Company (Trade mark No.1496455,SSI Permanent Reg.No.330022110675
         • Nothing but the latest technology to keep you ahead of the rest.
         • All our courses are CONCEPT ORIENTED TRAINING. Learn the Concept and Apply your Own Style.
         • We Encourage Practical Training only with materials in our lab, We are not Encouraging Live Practicals, Spot Service with Customers

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Laptop Service Training   Motherboard Service Training   Printer Service Training   Chip Level Service Training
Laptop Training Online   Motherboard Training Online   Printer Training Online   Chip Level Training Online
Laptop Service Training Online   Motherboard Service Training Online   Printer Service Training Online   Chip Level Service Training Online
Laptop Chip Level Training   Motherboard Chip Level Training   Printer Online Training   Chip Level Online Training
Laptop Chip Level Service Training   Motherboard Chip Level Service Trng   Online Printer Training   Online Chip Level Training
Laptop Motherboard Training   Online Motherboard Training   Online Printer Service Training   Online Chip Level Service Training